July 24, 2007

echochrome/OLE Coordinate System

I saw the “echochrome” demo at E3 2007 at Sony’s press conference earlier this month. Its M.C. Escher art-style really impressed me. At the time I remembered that I had seen it before. Then I realized that its strong resemblance to a Japanese media art project.

Echochrome is an elegant, beautiful looking art/game. The conceptual idea is based on the “OLE coordinate system”, developed by a gifted media artist/designer, Jun Fujik.

It can be found and downloaded here:

The echochrome game is based on the optical occlusion mechanism. It uses the shifting/rotation of the player’s perspective in a 2.5D world to solve particular puzzle environments.

It’s a fascinating idea. Recent releases such as Sega’s Crash and Nintendo’s Super Paper Mario games use two similar variations to the perspective-shifting concept.


Today Jun Fujik releases “Individuality” a new Java applet to experience with the concept of OLE Coordinate System. It’s another experimental game based on the same theme.

Lee Chen

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